As 2022 draws to a close, it’s a great opportunity for us all to reflect on our achievements from the past year.  And it was a special year for the JALLC as we celebrated our 20th anniversary.

In 2022, the JALLC successfully published: over 20 analysis reports on a wide range of topics from Lessons from Resolute Support Mission to our analysis of the NATO Standing Naval Forces, as well as reports on NATO exercises and regular reports analysing NATO Lessons Learned Portal content.  We conducted numerous outreach engagements with NATO entities and Partner organizations, providing Lessons Learned training and helping these organizations assess how they can better implement the NATO Lessons Learned Capability.  We, held another fantastic edition of the NATO Lessons Learned Conference (NLLC) which, this year, saw participants looking back over the past twenty years of lessons to understand what can be taken forward into the future.  You can download a copy of the NLLC 2022 Conference Magazine here.IMG2.jpg

We provided various training courses on Lessons Learned related topics for the NATO Lessons Learned Community, but also courses for our JALLC analysts to ensure they are properly skilled and equipped to produce the high-quality JALLC products NATO needs and relies on.  We published a new and totally updated edition of the NATO Lessons Learned Handbook; the fourth edition of this key reference document for the NATO Lessons Learned Community.  You can download a copy here.



The JALLC also saw a change of command as the flag of the JALLC passed from Romanian Brigadier General Bogdan Cernat to Portuguese Commodore Fernando Artilheiro.  In a special ceremony the JALLC’s new commander noted: “I recognize that these are exceptional times we find ourselves in: I count on all the JALLC staff’s support to ensure that we maintain the JALLC’s high standards and deliver what NATO needs, when it needs it. I intend to ensure continuity, stability, and progress during my time as COM JALLC.”

We were honoured over the year some very special visits, including a day dedicated to welcoming NATO Nation Ambassadors to the JALLC to understand our activities and how we help NATO to transform.  Among other visits, we also received the Portuguese Flag Officer/General Officer Course, and the JALLC contributes to the Erasmus Programme which saw Romanian Students visiting the JALLC this year as part of their experience.


Finally, we celebrated our 20th anniversary in the presence of the President of the Portuguese Republic, the Portuguese Minister of National Defence, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, Ambassadors and representatives of NATO Nations and Partners, other distinguished guests and friends of the JALLC. During this special day, we planted an Olive Tree to commemorate 20 years of peace and friendship. May it flourish and stand tall for many years to face all kinds of weather—fair and stormy—much like the Alliance. You can watch the video of the anniversary here, or you can click on the video below this article.

Jallc-Explorer Cover 13092022.PNGAs part of the JALLC’s anniversary celebrations, we held some team building events which included a JALLC hike through the beautiful Monsanto park which not only got us into the fresh air, but also allowed us to get to know each other a better outside the office environment. #strongertogether.

Finally, we published a special Anniversary edition of the JALLC’s Annual Magazine, The Explorer, which covers the history of the JALLC, the recent change of command and features some special articles, written by JALLC staff members, in topics that are important to them. You can download a copy of the magazine here and we hope you enjoy it.


The JALLC’s Commander wishes everyone a very happy and safe holiday season and all the best for the New Year. 

Together, as a Team, we are committed to contribute to the future of NATO.