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The JALLC Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
Sep 21, 2022
20 September 2022 witnessed the JALLC’s 20th anniversary. The President of the Portuguese Republic and Supreme Commander of the Portuguese Armed Forces, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), the Portuguese Minister of Defence, and the JALLC’s Commander were joined by ambassadors and embassy representatives of many NATO Nations for the formal ceremony during which a plaque was unveiled, commemorating the planting an olive tree symbolizing peace and friendship that NATO represents and the 20 years the JALLC has been in service.
The JALLC Publishes Special 20th Anniversary Edition of The Explorer
Sep 14, 2022
The JALLC is celebrating its 20th Anniversary next week. To mark the occasion we have published a special edition of our annual magazine: The Explorer. This edition contains the regular updates on our activities and news, but also feature articles written by the JALLC’s staff as well as some interesting interviews.
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JALLC Anniversary Celebrations Next Week
Sep 12, 2022
Did you know that the JALLC will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on the 20th September 2022?

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The JALLC’s Mission is to support Alliance-wide implementation and sustainment of NATO's Lessons Learned policy through monitoring and supervising the NATO Lessons Learned Process within the NATO Command Structure and other NATO bodies. It is the lead agent for the collection and sharing of lessons, accomplished through Active Content Management of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, Joint Analysis (as an integral part of the Lessons Learned Process) and outreach to allies and partners. The JALLC supports warfare development and warfighting, improving NATO's ability to operate and adapt, through training, advising and assessment activities enabling the establishment and sustainment of effective Lessons Learned capabilities across NATO. 


In terms of the JALLC’s analysis activities, the JALLC conducts three types of analysis in support of its mission: Joint Analysis of NATO-wide complex issues, Short Term Analysis of isuues with strategic implications that require a swift response, and NATO Lessons Learned Portal Content Analysis of Lessons Learned information and trends on the NLLP. Each type of analysis is conducted by civilain and military subject matter experts as appropriate who, besides their own education and experience, undergo the JALLC Analyst Training Course when they join the JALLC to ensure a seamless service across the JALLC’s analysis activities.

You can find out more about the JALLC’s analysis activities here.


The JALLC facilitates Lessons Learned in NATO through its various Lessons Learned activities which include: managing the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, providing assessment and advice on the implementation of the NATO Lessons Learned Capability, analysing the content of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal identifying trends and themes, and providing Lessons Learned. The JALLC’s Lessons Learned activities are key to NATO’s successful implementation of its Lessons Learned Capability which ensures that the Alliance remains a learning organization and contributes to NATO-wide transformation. You can find out more about the JALLC’s Lessons Learned activities here.


The JALLC provides a series of training courses both for internal and external participants. Courses range in focus from training in analysis techniques and project management to basic training in Lessons Learned for Lessons Learned Staff Officers and Points of Contact. All of the JALLC’s training courses are reviewed and revised regularly based on participant feedback to ensure the best possible training experience. You can find out more about the JALLC’s training activities here.


The JALLC’s support to exercises is multi-faceted and underpins all aspects of the JALLC Mission. The JALLC’s Exercise Support team, as well as military and civilian analysts participate in all stages of the NATO Exercise Process, from Exercise Specification and Development, through Planning and Product Development, Operational Conduct to Analysis and Reporting. The JALLC also provides support to operations by facilitating Lessons Learned Training, NATO Lessons Learned Portal Active Content Management, Short Term Analysis and Joint Analysis. These are tasked as required and include support to operations in the form of support to Operational Plans, Key Leader Training and Subject Matter Expert Support for planning conferences. You can find out more about the JALLC’s support exercises and operations here.


The JALLC Advisory Training Team (JATT) was created to provide support in implementing the NATO Lessons Learned Capability to NATO entities, Nations, and partners through the JALLC’s extensive outreach and engagement programme. The JATT helps Lessons Learned staff assess their implementation of the NATO Lessons Learned Capability and provides advice on how to improve it. Additionally, the JATT delivers tailored Lessons Learned training to ensure a consistent and robust NATO Lessons Learned Capability and good Lessons Learned relationships with Member Nations and Partner Nations. You can find out more about the JATT here.


The JALLC provides support to NATO’s Lessons Learned community in many ways including through the NATO Lesson Learned Conference, which covers topical themes and draws participants from across NATO and Partner Nations, as well as other organizations. You can find out more about the JALLC’s support to the NATO Lessons Learned community here.


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