On 24 November 2023, members of the Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization, Boryviter, visited the JALLC to engage with the JALLC Subject Matter Experts on Lessons Learned and Analysis. This engagement forms part of the JALLC’s continued support to Ukraine’s Lessons Learned efforts, which includes JALLC Analysis on relevant topics as well as Lessons Learned Q&A sessions, demonstrations, and training.

The Boryviter Centre of Excellence  is a non-profit NGO that provides provide educational, training, and professional development support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine personnel by providing intensive and free training courses, as well as enhancing Ukraine’s capabilities to independently provide modern and efficient training based on NATO standards.P1180336.JPG

Boryviter developed the working prototype of a national Lessons Learned Portal for the Ukrainian Armed Forces,  based on the real-world experience of collecting observations on and from the battlefield​​​​​​, and now, together with the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, are taking an active part in developing the full version of the Portal based on the prototype. The development has been influenced by their experience with the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) (through demonstrations and access to the unclassified version) and the NATO Lessons Learned Process and Capability.

During this most recent engagement—which took place at the JALLC’s facilities in Lisbon—, representatives from Boryviter were able to provide the JALLC’s dedicated NLLP Team and JALLC analysts, in person, with insights and their experience in creating the Ukrainian Lesson Learned Portal. They also shared future plans for the portal which will involve the cooperation and integration with relevant Ukrainian Government ministries. They explained how this initial Lessons Learned Portal, which has been developed in the field, will form the basis for a formal National Lessons Learned Portal, and is currently being tried and tested in the extremely demanding circumstances of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

P1180391.JPGThis valuable exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences serves to underscore the ever-growing importance of Lessons Learned for nations and the Alliance whether in Peacetime, in Crisis, and especially during War. The JALLC will continue to provide Lessons Learned and Analysis support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of the overarching NATO-wide efforts in this respect.

You can read more about the JALLC’s support to Ukraine here.