One of the seven elements of the NATO Lessons Learned Capability is Training. As such, one of the JALLC’s key activities is to provide Lessons Learned training to the NATO Lessons Learned Community.  This training includes a range of Lessons Learned courses: from the fully comprehensive Lessons Learned Staff officers course—suitable for all Lessons Learned staff and those interested or involved in Lessons Learned across NATO and our Partners—to the more specific NATO Lessons Learned Portal related training courses, and the very specific tailored training provided by the JALLC’s Advisory and Training Team.  All of the JALLC’s training is provided by our experienced instructors, based on our tailor-made and conceptually proven training material.Pic of NLLC.png

In order to maintain the JALLC’s high training standards, we ensure that our instructors regularly receive training themselves and continuously improve and prove their skills. In this context, one of the JALLC’s most experienced military instructors, Colonel Joaquim Ramalho of the Portuguese Armed Forces, recently attended, and successfully completed, the NATO Certified Instructor Course at NATO School Oberammergau (NSO).

The NATO Certified Instructor Programme (NCIP) is made up of four phases and participants are regularly assessed and evaluated in terms of demonstrating proficiency in utilizing effective teaching methods and presentation techniques.

The NCIP aims to expand its reach across the Alliance, ensuring that instructors at all levels and within all Education and Training Facilities are equipped to meet NATO's Education & Individual Training needs.

This achievement not only highlights Colonel Joaquim Ramalho's dedication to professional development but also reinforces the JALLC's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in education and training. For more information on the NATO Certified Instructor Programme, visit