On 17 October 2023, the JALLC staff engaged with members of the Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization, Boryviter, which was established in April 2022 in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. The NGO functions as Ukraine’s Centre of Excellence for training and Lessons Learned.

P1170809.JPGBoryviter have developed a national Lessons Learned Portal for the Ukrainian armed forces, based on the real-world experience of collecting observations on and from the battlefield. The development has also been influenced by their experience with the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) (through demonstrations and access to the unclassified version) and the NATO Lessons Learned Process and Capability. The JALLC has continuously supported the Ukrainian armed forces over the past years through Lessons Learned training, outreach activities, and demonstrations.

During the engagement, which took place via VTC, the JALLC Team—which included, the Lessons Learned Management Division Head, members of the JALLC’s NLLP Team, as well as relevant JALLC analysts—offered insights and experience from testing and developing the NLLP. In turn, the participants from the NGO asked questions about the NLLP and the NATO Lessons Learned Process, and shared their insights and experiences from the comparatively rapid development of this national Lessons Learned Portal, currently being tried and tested in the demanding circumstances of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

P1170803.JPGThe exchange of views serves to underscore the importance of Lessons Learned for nations and the Alliance whether in Peacetime, in Crisis, and indeed during War. This activity forms part of the JALLC’s activities to support Ukraine’s Lessons Learned efforts, which include JALLC Analysis on relevant topics and past events to cooperate and support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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