HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Civilian Human Resources is responsible for the recruitment and Human Resources management of NATO International Civilian (NIC) personnel appointed to the JALLC, and locally administered by the Personnel Assistant. 

Civilian Employment Opportunities

The need for continuity in essential activities, together with such factors such as the cost of training military personnel for skills already available in the civilian market, contribute to a need for civilian manpower as an important part of NATO's military structure. At the JALLC, NATO civilian staff work along-side their military colleagues as analysts, but also in functions such as finance, communications and information systems, and administration.

There are two categories of civilian staff employed at the JALLC that are broken down into grades:

  • A grades are professional-level posts, such as: Analysts, Information Systems Engineers, Finance Officers, Personnel Officer, etc;
  • B grades are typically technicians or assistants, such as: Information Systems Technicians, Finance Assistants, Administrative Assistants, etc.

Please note that although NATO has two official languages (English and French), work at the JALLC is conducted mainly in the English language.

Vacancies at the JALLC

Please note that the recruitment process for NATO International Civilian vacancies at HQ SACT has changed. Applicants must use the Taleo recruiting system and then identify the vacancy for the relevant post and follow the instructions given. The old type application form & processes are no longer in effect.

Please check the NATO Vacancies list of current vacancies for international civilian staff positions available in the various NATO locations world-wide. 

JALLC Internships

The JALLC offers internships under the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Internship Programme for the Assistant Research Analyst and Assistant Editor. Both internships cover a broad spectrum of activities conducted at the JALLC and offer interns an opportunity to gain insight into the transformational side of NATO.

The ACT Internship Programme is part of ACT's broader communication strategy to promote HQ SACT and ACT activities and provide the NATO Nations' best and brightest students with opportunities to participate in a dynamic and strategic military-civilian cooperative environment at HQ SACT or the JALLC. While employed, interns will gain an understanding of how ACT leads the transformation of the Alliance, by helping NATO Nations and partners to improve their military effectiveness and increase interoperability by combining new concepts, capabilities and doctrine with advanced research and technology.

In particular, interns at the JALLC will gain experience in research and analysis techniques, improve their verbal and written communication skills, work with a range of people from different countries, cultures and career backgrounds, and take away an understanding of NATO's Lessons Learned Capability and how joint analysis contributes to resolving NATO-wide complex problems, providing recommendations for NATO's transformation. Applicants interested in the JALLC Internship should indicate their preference when applying for the ACT Internship Programme. More information on the ACT Internship Programme and details on how to apply for an ACT and/or JALLC internships, can be found on the ​​​​​​ ACT Internship Programme Homepage.