JALLC Useful Information

The JALLC publishes brochures on various topics relevant to the JALLC and its work. Currently the following brochures are available and can be downloaded below:

JALLC Brochure

Brochure Cover.PNGThis brochure provides information on the JALLC and its key activities. The JALLC is NATO's lead agent for Lessons Learned. The JALLC achieves its mission through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of Lessons-related information. The NATO Lessons Learned Portal is NATO's primary tool to manage and analyse all Lessons-related information. This Portal, developed and actively managed by the JALLC, is the Alliance’s Lessons Learned hub and forms in addition an integral part of the Lessons Learned Process. Upon tasking, the JALLC conducts Joint Analysis projects on NATO-wide, enduring, and complex issues, providing recommendations in order to improve current NATO capabilities and support future capability development.