On May 20th, Brigadier General Henrik Sommer has visited the JALLC. Intention of the visit was to get informed about the daily work within the JALLC, to have better visibility on the processes within the JALLC and to coordinate the activities of the JALLC with his own organization. Primary focus of the visit was to find options for improving the support towards anothers.

In his position, as SACT Assistant Chief of Staff Capability Engineering and Innovation, Brigadier General Sommer can be considered as one of the most important customers of the JALLC.

After the office call with Brigadier General Mircea Mîndrescu, Commander JALLC, the General was briefed in detail by the Command Group of the JALLC about a variety of topics linked to the bilateral relation of both parties. After the presentations it was discussed how to improve the current processes, the staffing of reports and the exchange of information. Some clear results were agreed. Both parties recognized that communication between the two organizations at all levels is the key and will lead to even more success.

General Sommer mentioned he appreciated the frank and open discussions during the day and thanked the personnel of the JALLC for their contributions and support to his organization and NATO.

The visit ended with some nice words in the "Book of Honor" and a group picture in front of the JALLC building .