On June 5th, 2014, Commander NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, Lieutenant General Giorgio Battisti accompanied by his military assistant Lieutenant Colonel Stefano Sbaccanti, visited the Joint lessons Learned Centre ( JALLC), and were welcomed by Commander JALLC, Brigadier General Mircea Mîndrescu.

The aim of the visit was to inform LtGen Battisti about the role of JALLC within NATO and the ability of the JALLC to support and contribute to the NATO organization .

During a discussion session with the JALLC Command Group and senior staff, LtGen Battisti was provided a briefing covering an overview of the JALLC activities, its mission, organization and processes. The ongoing and future Programme of Work was discussed as well as activities that could provide opportunities for supporting NATO's Rapid Deployable Corps in Italy.

Both parties engaged in a conversation that permitted an exchange of information and views on subjects of mutual interest, especially regarding the past and future role of JALLC within ISAF.

At the end of the visit the "Book of Honour" was signed by LtGen Battisti and a group picture was taken.