The JALLC had the honor to host General Mirco Zuliani, Deputy SACT, on the 12th of May. General Zuliani specifically wanted to visit the JALLC to get a better understanding and more detailed knowledge about the Lessons Learned process, the JALLC Project Approach and the assistance that JALLC offers to NATO entities for Training and Exercises.

After an office call with the Commander JALLC, Brigadier General Mircea Mîndrescu, DSACT was shown the JALLC working environment and informed about the working processes at the JALLC. During an extensive and comprehensive presentation of the Command Group, specific interests, issues and findings were discussed. Special in-depth information was provided on the different stages within the JALLC Project Approach, the Analysis Requirements selection and process and the Lessons Learned Portal.

During the "All Hands call", in the afternoon, at the JALLC Auditorium, General Zuliani complimented the personnel of the JALLC regarding their reports and outputs. DSACT told that the work performed at the JALLC is important to NATO and even more to HQSACT.

General Zuliani said to the members of the JALLC that he considered his visit as a unique opportunity to learn about the different activities the JALLC is doing, the problems it is facing and to provide assistance and support were possible. With this visit he felt better equipped and stressed that working in close cooperation between the JALLC and the Headquarter is very important. The final result will be an ACT common solution.

The personal involvement and interest in the work and output of the JALLC, shown by the Deputy SACT during the day, was very much appreciated by the Command Group and the JALLC Staff.