Mr Andro Barnovi, the Deputy Defence Minister of Georgia, paid a visit to NATO’s Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre on 2nd March 2012, along with His Excellency the Ambassador of Georgia to Portugal, Mr Giorgi Gorgiladze. The Minister and Ambassador were joined by a delegation of military and civilian staff from the Georgian Ministry of Defence. The visitors were received by the Commander of JALLC, Brigadier General Peter Sonneby, Danish Air Force, and the JALLC Chief of Staff, Colonel João Barbas, Portuguese Army.

The guests were briefed on the role of NATO’s Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre, recent JALLC projects, and NATO’s Lessons Learned Capability. The guests were impressed by JALLC’s wide-ranging analysis remit and its role in analysing NATO-wide issues at the operational, strategic and political levels. The Deputy Defence Minister was particularly interested to develop Georgia’s Lessons Learned capability, inviting JALLC’s Advisory and Training Team to T’bilisi to provide training to Georgian staff officers.