On the 6th of May a delegation from the Naval Tactical Development Doctrine and Analysis Center Command in Turkey visited the JALLC. This Command has been tasked to initiate and maintain the Lessons Learned process for the Turkish Navy and hoped by visiting the JALLC they could learn from their experiences and challenges in the LL process.

After a short office call with Brigadier General Mîndrescu, Commander of the JALLC, both Captain Erhan Aydin, Branch Head Tactical Development and Doctrine, and LtCdr Nihat Kurakbelli, Lessons Learned Staff Officer, were presented with an extensive program.

The morning was used for a presentation of the Command Briefing by the members of the Command Group. Specific attention was given to the JALLC Project Approach ( JPA). The afternoon session was used for a detailed explanation of the options and functions of the Lessons Learned portal. Both parties acknowledged that in the future they could benefit from each other by sharing information and exchanging views. The visit was closed with a group picture in front of the JALLC.