NATO has been engaged in continuous transformation for many years to ensure that it has the policies, capabilities and structures required to deal with current and future challenges, including the collective defense of its members. Accordingly, the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre developed the new NATO Lessons Learned Portal ( NLLP).

The NLLP based on SharePoint technology, is the main NATO tool for sharing Lessons Learned products as well as staffing Observations through the NATO Lessons Learned process. The NLLP is the result of a decade of work with the preliminary aim of growing and developing the NATO Lessons Learned Database ( LLDb). Following the inception of the NATO LLDb in 2002, there was an evolution in the Lessons Learned community in terms of awareness, growth, training of national user Lessons Learned organizations, and a desire by some staff officers in the NATO structure, NATO nations and Partner nations to access NATO Lessons and moreover, to share. The response to that evolution was the roll out of a prototype version of the Lessons Learned Portal at the end of 2010, which was the precursor to the new NLLP.

The NLLP is operational on both networks ( NATO Secret and NATO Unclassified) since the beginning of July 2013. Both are similar vessels with different content, since each version aims at different users. It is not only a matter of security classification; the NS NLLP is mainly a staffing and sharing tool for NATO staff officers, while the NU NLLP is used by a wider variety of users from NATONATO nations and Partner nations, as well as organizations.