This year’s NATO Lessons Learned Fall Week—which ran from 07 to 09 November—concluded successfully yesterday, after three intensive days of presentations and discussions. Various key topics were discussed, including the update of the NATO Lessons Learned Capability Improvement Roadmap 2021 – 2025, the proposal for the revised Lessons Learned Battle Rhythm 2024/2025, and the approval of the JALLC’s Programme of Work 2024. Participants also gained insights into some of the challenges and opportunities regarding the improvement of Lessons Learned delivery, collection and exploitation, as well as ideas on how the NATO Lessons Learned Capability can be reinvigorated more generally.  A key feature of the NATO Lessons Learned Week is the opportunity it provides for participants from both of NATO’s strategic commands— Allied Command Transformation and Allied Command Operations—as well as representatives from other NATO entities to connect and address strategic Lessons Learned matters.

P1180087.JPGAnother key topic on the agenda this week was the NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2024 (NLLC24)  This conference is the main event on the NATO Lessons Learned calendar and sees the wider Lessons Learned Community, subject matter experts, and representatives from academia and industry coming together to discuss important topics under the conference theme. The theme of the NLLC24 will be: “NATO Lessons Learned Capability Development in support of NATO 2030 efforts.” This theme offers participants the opportunity to explore both the latest in terms of NATO Lessons Learned Capability Development and the Lessons Learned related proposals from the NATO 2030 Agenda which you can read more about here. For example, topics that are currently being considered in the event’s agenda are Digital Transformation and Interoperability, both in the context of Lessons Learned.

The NLLC24,—which will be held from 15-18 April, in Lisbon , Portugal—promises to be another exciting and Lessons Learned packed conference. NLL24.jpgThe Save the Date letter has been sent out  and soon, it will be followed by the formal Calling Letter. You will be able to find out more about the event in due course here, on the JALLC’s website, and on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal.

If you’d like to find out more about the NATO Lessons Learned Conference, please visit our website page here. You can also download a copy of the NLLC22 Magazine which provides an overview of what was covered during that iteration of the event and gives an idea of what the event is about.