We’re delighted to announce the publication of this year’s edition of The Explorer; the JALLC’s annual publication covering trending topics, updates on our key activities, interviews with JALLC stuff and more. This year’s edition is themed around NATO's Digital Transformation and the impact and influence of artificial intelligence for the JALLC and NATO more generally. 

This edition features an exclusive interview with Rear Admiral Nick Wheeler, Royal Navy, Director of the NATO Digital Staff. In this article we share his thoughts on the Alliance's digital journey and the potential of artificial intelligence to shape NATO’s future.


AI article pic for publication article.PNG

There are also articles on the practical application of AI in the JALLC as a force multiplier—looking at the benefits, risks, and development areas—, on cognitive bias in Lessons Learned, and on enhancing National-NATO Lessons sharing, showcasing the benefits, but also highlighting the challenges the Alliance and Nations face.

There are also the usual updates on our key activities, with features on NATO Lessons Learned Portal Active Content Management and the support the JALLC has been providing to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the development of their national Lessons Learned capability and analyzing potential lessons NATO can learn from Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Rigos article for launch.PNGWe also feature a special piece on one of the JALLC’s longstanding military staff members, LTC Rigo Genz who has been with the JALLC for seven years. He publishes his “memoirs” in this edition which serve to show the rich history of the JALLC Advisory and Training Team—of which LTC Genz was a member—and the important work the team does in terms of engaging with NATO partners and capacity building, as well as ensuring the NATO Lessons Learned Capability is implemented efficiently throughout NATO.

The 2023 edition of The Explorer offers a comprehensive overview of NATO's efforts in embracing Digital Transformation and integrating advancements in artificial intelligence, showcasing the steadfast commitment to progress and innovation of the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre, which helps create a safer and more secure future for the Alliance.

You can download your copy here.