On 1 Jul 14, Brigadier General Mircea Mîndrescu, JALLC Commander, Group Captain Adrian Hill, JALLC Exercise Training and Experimentation Division Head, and Lieutenant Colonel Nerijus Stankevicius, JALLC Military Analyst, travelled to the Joint Force Training Centre ( JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland, to participate in the second JJJ Meeting of 2014.

The JJJ meeting, last held at the Joint Warfare Centre ( JWC), Stavanger, Norway in early Jan 14, was attended by Deputy Chief Of Staff Joint Force Trainer ( DCOS JFT), Vice Admiral Javier Gonzalez-Huix, Commander Joint Force Training Centre ( JFTC), Brigadier General Wojciech Grabowski and Deputy Commander JFTC, Brigadier General Laszlo Szabo, Commander JALLC, Brigadier General Mircea Mîndrescu, the Special Advisor to Commander Joint Warfare Centre ( JWC), Brigadier Jon Ragnar Krogstad, and the Assistant Chief Of Staff Joint Education, Training and Exercises ( ACOS JETE), Brigadier General Dzintars Roga, as well as a number of senior staff and advisors from HQ SACT and the 3 NATO JJJ organizations

The bi-annual meeting is an important event in the JJJ calendar enabling HQ SACT DCOS JFT, the JJJ commanders and senior staffs to discuss key issues face-to-face, to share vital information and knowledge through a series of briefings and discussions, and to enable the JJJ staffs to work more closely together to harmonize key activities and wherever possible, align outputs. Key topics discussed at the 1 July meeting included updates to NATO Exercise and Training Doctrine, the Connected Forces Initiative, the EXTRA Portal, and roles and responsibilities in the support of NATO Exercises and the Lessons Learned Process.