The JALLC recently published a factsheet on its report on Technical Exploitation and Battlefield Evidence. The report, which was published on 18 December 2023, summarizes the background of the project, as well as some of the key findings and recommendations made by the Project Team.

AnalysisatAFG.pngTechnical Exploitation (or TE as it is referred to), is the process of employing scientific tools and methods to extract information from evidence. Battlefield Evidence (or BE) is the material collected from the field and/or information derived through TE, which can be shared with law enforcement entities. NATO’s TE&BE from missions and operations has contributed to bringing foreign terrorist fighters, pirates, and war criminals to justice over the years. The report presents the evolution of the two disciplines, setting out their contribution to the success of NATO missions and operations such as ISAF (International Security Force Assistance in Afghanistan) and KFOR (Kosovo Force).NATOForcesInspect.png

Recommendations regarding the further implementation of TE&BE related policy in NATO include updating existing doctrine, improving the NATO TE &BE structure, and developing an NATO-owned system to share and disseminate TE&BE related information to enhance the information flow in support of NATO tasks and activities.



You can download a copy of the factsheet on the TE&BE report here and you can find out more about the JALLC’s analysis products here.










The above diagram provides an overview of the specialized areas that fall under the umbrella of TE



Picture 1 - DNA analysis at the Afghanistan Captured Material Exploitation (ACME) laboratory, 2019. Source. US Department of Defense via

Picture 2 - NATO forces inspect the site of an Improvised Explosive Device explosion. Source: