The JALLC opens the NATO Lessons Learned Fall Week From 07 to 09 November, the JALLC will host the annual NATO Lessons Learned Fall Week. This event is part of the annual Lessons Learned Battle Rhythm: the routine series of events and activities that ensure that the NATO Lessons Learned Capability runs effectively throughout NATO.  One of the key objectives of the NATO Lessons Learned Fall Week is to prepare the information needed to inform the Lessons Learned Steering Group and the Lessons Learned Steering Board, both of which are made up of representatives of HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and SHAPE, the two strategic commands of NATO. The aim of the Steering Group and the Board is, among others, to develop and determine the JALLC’s Programme of Work for 2024, covering our Analysis and Lessons Learned Activities and priorities for the coming year.


The NATO Lessons Learned Fall Week is open to Lessons Learned representatives from the NATO Command Structure, NATO’s International Military Staff, and staff from the NATO Standardization Office.  This year’s working sessions include updates on Lessons Learned initiatives for 2024 and on Lessons Learned Innovation efforts, 2024 Lessons Collection priorities, direction and guidance on key issues for 2024, and discussing Lessons Learned related challenges.



The NATO Lessons Learned Fall Week closes on 09 November, but it marks the start of the new Lessons Learned year, which will include the NATO Lessons Learned Conference, to be held in April 2024.  You can read more about this event on our website and download copies of our magazines and factsheets covering this prestigious event here.