On this, the first anniversary of Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine, the JALLC’s Commander, Commodore Fernando Artilheiro, gathered the staff together in the JALLC’s auditorium in a show of solidarity for Türkiye in the aftermath of the recent devastating earthquakes and to remember the first day of the war in Ukraine.

The Commander spoke about the international response to the earthquakes in Türkiye, which have seen emergency workers from across the world, including Allied and Partner Nations, come together in the rescue and recovery effort.  The Commander then went on to reflect on the past year of the war in Ukraine: the international support for Ukraine; the inevitable resulting change to the global security environment; and, of course, on the innocent victims of this conflict.

The JALLC’s Commander and Chief of Staff (Colonel Manuel Rosa) were then joined by the JALLC’s staff in observing a one minute silence to remember the victims of the earthquakes in Türkiye and of the war in Ukraine. 

The JALLC’s staff’s thoughts are with the families of all the victims at this time and we stand in solidarity with Türkiye and Ukraine.

Below this article you can watch a short video on how NATO stands with Ukraine for as long as it takes.