On September 5th 2012, the JALLC hosted its 10th Anniversary Ceremony in the Portuguese Air Force Air Command Officers Mess in Monsanto, Portugal. The Portuguese Army Chief of Staff, General Artur Neves Pina Monteiro, presided over the ceremony.

GEN Pina Monteiro was welcomed at the Air Command Base Main Gate and received honors upon arrival. Following a review of the guard, he was escorted to the Officers Mess.

The ceremony was attended by Portuguese Parliament Representatives, NATO Member and Partner Ambassadors to Portugal and their respective Embassy Representatives and Military Attaches, NATO Command Chiefs and Representatives, and JALLC staff members.

GEN Pina Monteiro commenced the ceremony and welcomed the guests.

The ceremony began with the presentation of the movie “ JALLC– 10 YEARS IN SUPPORT OF INTELLIGENT CHANGE”. The movie provided a view of the JALLC’s history, missions, and achievements over the past ten years. It was produced with the support of a media team from the Joint Warfare Centre, located in Stavanger, Norway.

Upon completion of the movie, GEN Pina Monteiro delivered his remarks.

After finishing his remarks, GEN Pina Monteiro invited the JALLC Commander, Brigadier General Peter Sonneby, Royal Danish Air Force, up to the front to unveil the JALLC’s 10th Anniversary commemorative plaque. The plaque will be displayed in the JALLC lobby for all to see and to keep a record of this date.


Following the presentation of the commemorative plaque, BGEN Peter Sonneby delivered his remarks. In his remarks, BGEN Sonneby discussed the work and contributions the JALLC has made to NATO to date, as well as acknowledged the work put in by JALLC members, current and past.

Before the JALLC Commander left the podium, he wanted to make a small gesture to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and skills of the women and men of JALLC and single out specifically the 5 JALLC members who were founders of the Command ten years ago and have remained for that period:


  • Ms. Tina Kosswig
  • Mr. Manuel Martins
  • Mr. Luca Ranise
  • Mr. John Redmayne
  • Mr. Paulo da Silva

The Commander called those 5 members to the front. He told them they were the thread that had held JALLC together for a decade and the ones who have held its memories. They represented all those other staff that have come and gone in that time. The Commander expressed his deep appreciation to their commitment to the Center. Finally, the Commander asked the audience to join him in thanking them for their service.

After the ceremony concluded, the guests were invited to join GEN Pina Monteiro for a reception held in the Mess Hall.