On Wednesday, 27 June 2012, the DCOS LL in the newly formed Joint Forces Command ( JFC), Northwood, United Kingdom ( UK), visited the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre ( JALLC) in Lisbon, Portugal.

The visit began with a welcome by the JALLC Commander, Brigadier General Peter Sonneby. The aim of his visit was twofold: to familiarise himself with NATO Lessons Learned policy and procedures and, secondly, to invigorate NATOUK initiatives in the Lessons Learned and Sharing arena. His visit was a considerable success and a number of areas where identified where UK support to on-going or future analysis projects could be bi-laterally advantageous. The United Kingdom is undertaking an investigation into the lessons learned from a ‘Decade of War’ which follows-on from the study, of the same name, being undertaken by the United States and which dove-tails with the Alliance/ JALLC study into a ‘Decade of Conflict ’which will be one of the enduring themes at this year’s NATO Lessons Learned Conference. In addition, it was confirmed that two United Kingdom staff officers from the JFC Lessons directorate will undertake the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officers’ Course (run by the JALLC) in Stockholm, Sweden in August this year. Group Captain Stewart concluded his visit by signing the JALLC Book of Honour.