On 14 June 2012 the French Ecole the Guerre with 10 students and 2 Staff members visited the JALLC during their education trip to Lisbon.

After a generic presentation of JALLC and its role within NATO, the delegation attended tailored presentations about analysis conducted in JALLC and Lessons Learned in NATO. The students were very interested by the provided presentations according to their numerous questions to every speaker. They focused on the differences between analysis and lessons learned and on the accessibility of all the NATO reports and the implementation of these Lessons learned or identified by NATO members out of the NATO structure. At the end of the day, the accompanying Staff, expressed their thanks for the comprehensive program and hospitality to JALLC COM Brigadier General SONNEBY, underlining the benefit for the students in understanding the important role of the JALLC in the NATO structure. The visit was concluded by signing the JALLC "Book of Honour”.