On 30 March 2011 the JALLC was visited by the German General/Admiral Staff Course from the Fuehrungsakademie der Bundeswehr located in Hamburg, Germany. The 24 students from Germany, Estonia, France, Poland, Belgium, Norway, Spain and the United States of America visited the JALLC during their educational trip to Lisbon and Madrid.

The course was welcomed by the Commander JALLC, Brigadier General SONNEBY. After a short introduction to the JALLC mission and structure, the students were presented with first hand information about recently finished and ongoing projects by the respective project managers. The students seized the opportunity to get information right down to the last detail.
At the end of the day, the head of delegation Colonel MALKMUS, expressed his thanks for the comprehensive program and the hospitality to Colonel BARBAS, the JALLC Chief of Staff, and he underlined the benefit for the students in understanding the important role of the JALLC in the NATO structure.