On Monday 28 March, his Excellency the Ambassador of Austria, Mr. Bernhard Wrabetz, visited the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) in Monsanto, Lisbon Portugal.

Ambassador Mr. Bernhard Wrabetz was welcomed by the JALLC Chief of Staff, Colonel Joáo Barbas. After a courtesy call with Chief of staff, the Ambassador was briefed on where the JALLC fits within Allied Command Transformation on the role, capabilities, activities, and the relationship to Partner countries of the JALLC. The Ambassador was very pleased with the comprehensive briefing and showed a special interest in the reform of the NATO Command structure. From a Partnership for Peace point of view he was also interested in the Sharing piece of the Lessons Learned Process, especially with the EU and the UN, as well as in JALLC products in relation to ongoing operations.