On 30 March 2011, the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre ( JALLC) in Monsanto, Portugal was visited by Major General Jacques Cazamea, Knowledge Management Director, JFC Brunssum.

After a courtesy call with the Commander JALLC, BGen Peter Sonneby, MGen Cazamea was briefed on the JALLC’s role, capabilities and current activities. Of interest to MGen Cazamea were the JALLC’s recent reports on the Lessons Learned Process in ISAF and Lessons Learned Sharing in NATO and Nations. As well, he received a briefing from Colonel Karl-Heinz Nickel on the JALLC’s ongoing study on Intelligence Functions, which was of particular interest due to its Knowledge Development aspects and the importance of non-kinetic effects such as a Comprehensive Approach to operations.
MGen Cazamea expressed his appreciation for the briefings and concluded his visit by signing the JALLC Book of Honour.