The JALLC Advisory Training Team (JATT) provided three days of NATO Lessons Learned (LL) training to the senior staff of the NATO Counter Intelligence Centre of Excellence (CI COE) from 19 to 21 November. The NATO CI COE is located in Krakow, Poland and opened in October 2017 to enhance NATO CI and improve the interoperability of the CI community.

The training covered NATO LL policy, capability, and processes to support the NATO CI COE's Analysis and LL Branch and provided advice on applying the NATO LL policy, capability, and processes to the CI discipline. The JATT training was also the first engagement between the JALLC and the NATO CI COE, laying a foundation to build upon for future interactions.

The NATO CI COE is an International Military Organization. Although it is accredited by NATO, a COE is not part of the NATO Command Structure (NCS), but forms part of the wider framework supporting the NCS. It acts as a catalyst for NATO adaptation and operations, by supporting the development, promotion, and implementation of new policies, concepts, strategies, and doctrine.