On 3 July 2013, a Delegation of the Finnish Defence Forces International Centre ( FINCENT) visited the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre upon their request to be briefed by the JALLC Chief Of Staff, Colonel Jorge Gomes and his staff on its organization, mission and current projects and to establish a more firm connection between the two organizations and to intensify mutual support and cooperation.

The visit started with an office call with the JALLC COM. Then, during the Briefing, FINCENT Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Timo Hamalainen, introduced FINCENT and its activities, namely, NATOUN and other international and National courses, which accredited the Finnish headquarters as a NATO asset in the Peace Support Operations. During this meeting, Colonel Gomes and Lieutenant Colonel Hamalainen stressed the importance of cooperation between NATO Lessons Learned and the Peace Support expertize, facing new challenges in a near future.

The visit ended with the traditional signature of the Book of Honour, gift exchanging and the group photo.