From 09 to 10 December 2021, the JALLC hosted the NATO LL Ontology workshop, whose aim was to support the JALLC in the developing of a NATO LL Ontology, as well as creating a new community that will push LL into the era of Artificial Intelligence. The workshop was hybrid in nature, with 18 participants travelling to Lisbon and a further 20 joining in a remote format, which allowed for full participation in the initiative.



The NLLOW_1.jpgworkshop drew together participants from 16 different Allied Nations, as well as from two Enhanced Opportunity Partner countries, Australia and Sweden. The organization of the workshop was facilitated by 6 scientists from the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, as well as the NATO Communications and Information Agency. This unique composition, mixing LL experts with scientists, allowed for an innovative approach to some of the biggest challenges with LL.

The conclusions reached will be key to the effective development of the future LL analytics and the NATO toolset. The workshop outcome was very positive: best practices and common approaches were shared and LL processes in various nations explained. This was an important first step in light of the fact NATO has just launched the LL Roadmap 2021-2025 which looks to the future of NATO's LL capability, including lines of effort for a new NATO LL toolset; the developing of NATO's ability to support Lessons Learned sharing among our Members and partners; and a new LL standardization effort. The considerable multinational involvement from the outset achieved in this workshop will undoubtedly prove valuable in moving ahead with this roadmap.