On 26 February 2014, General Luis Evangelista Esteves de Araújo, Portuguese Air Force, was presented with a Tribute Ceremony performed by JALLC personnel, for the outstanding support, either as Chief of Portuguese Air Force, at first, or Portuguese Chief of Defence after, between February 2011 and February 2014.

JALLC was honoured as well with the presence of Portuguese Air Force General Officers, namely General José Pinheiro, Chief of Portuguese Air Force, Lieutenant-General Lopes da Silva, Commander Comando Aéreo, the compound where JALLC is located in, and Major-General Manuel Rolo, General's Araújo front office chief and actual Deputy Commander of the Portuguese Air Force Logistics Command.

After a short Office Call, in the Commander JALLC’s office, General Luís Araújo, General Pinheiro and the other distinguished guests proceeded to JALLC Auditorium for the Tribute Ceremony, in the presence of all the JALLC staff personnel present. The JALLC Commander, Brigadier-General Mircea Mîndrescu delivered a speech in honour of General Luís Araújo, stressing the entire gratitude for his extraordinary and brilliant commitment to supporting JALLC and his decisive contribution to the success of JALLC’s mission. At the end of his speech, Brigadier-General Mircea Mîndrescu, on behalf of all the JALLC staff, presented General Luís Araújo with a symbolic plaque in cristal in recognition of all the outstanding support provided.


Then, General Luís Araújo, just retired from active duty, took the floor and addressed some words to the audience, underlining the way the Portuguese people like to receive all the visitors in Portugal, the importance of JALLC, as the only NATO Command Structure Headquarter located in Portugal, and the importance of the Lessons Learned and Joint Analysis for NATO and the Nations. General Luís Araújo ended his speech wishing all the success to JALLC and its entire staff.

After signing the Book of Honour, a cocktail ceremony took place in the JALLC lobby, culminated with a “Port of Honour” toast and a Group Photo in front of the JALLC building .