The Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) released a report earlier this year titled “Air-Land Integration: Extending NATO's Tactical Air Command and Control Capability to the Corps Level.” The report investigated the current NATO Tactical Air Command and Control (TacAirC2) Model and how it could be improved in a potential Major Joint Operation Plus (MJO+) scenario in order to optimize Air-Land Integration (ALI) in the Alliance.

After a comprehensive research and analysis effort, JALLC produced feasible recommendations for the stakeholders at Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) and the Alliance Commands. Subject Matter Experts (SME) took part in an ALI Workshop last year to investigate current capabilities. This workshop, combined with the input of other SMEs, various simulations, and statistical models, provided the evidence for the recommendations offered in the study.

By using the research efforts to bridge the gap between land and air community understanding, JALLC was able to produce recommendations to improve NATO warfighting capabilities. As a direct result of JALLC's independent analysis and recommendations, several Commands within the Alliance will implement specific measures later this year to improve ALI, ultimately having a positive impact on NATO's future warfighting capabilities. For more information, see the report factsheet.