On September 9th, in an elegant and friendly setting, JALLC celebrated its 11th Anniversary. Apart from the JALLC personnel, Ambassadors or Heads of Diplomatic Missions from Nations whose military personnel serves with JALLC were represented along with high ranking military officers from the Host nation, Portugal. Military Attachés that reside in Portugal and other guest from Portugal and abroad took part in the manifestation. Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha who acted as the special representative of the Portuguese Chief of Defence delivered a special message on behalf of General Luis Araújo.

In his speech, Colonel Mîndrescu went over the History of the JALLC since its creation, foundation and establishment until our days: the importance of JALLC personnel along last 11 years, supporting all the most important NATO Operations, with over than 140 analysis reports, was stressed clearly by JALLC Commander when he said that “the JALLC staff past and present can be rightly proud of their achievements in supporting all of these NATO Operations, while still carrying out analysis tasks in support of NATO training events, exercises and experiments”. And illustrated the importance of JALLC contribution to NATO with the example of the 15 Lessons for the Alliance to learn with OUP – Libya Operation –, which were fully endorsed by the NAC, and its progress on the agreed remedial actions is currently being tracked by the IMS.

Remarks were made regarding other JALLC achievements, JATT’s activities, the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course, the JALLC Analyst Training Course, and the annual NATO Lessons Learned Conference being among those highlighted.


The JALLC Commander expressed his deep appreciation for the superb support provided to the JALLC by Portugal, as Host Nation, whose contribution to the JALLC success is instrumental.

Regarding the future, Colonel Mîndrescu expressed his conviction that in the future “ JALLC will continue to investigate, understand, identify causes, and present potential solutions to issues of importance to NATO Commanders and decision makers, through the provision of high quality analysis reports, supporting the Alliance’s three essential core tasks of Collective Defence, Crisis Management and Cooperative Security, and ongoing NATO initiatives such as Smart Defence, Connected Forces and Comprehensive Approach”.

After the JALLC Commander intervention, Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha, representing the Portuguese Chief of Defense, addressed the audience, as well. After expressing his gratitude for the opportunity of being associated to the celebratory date, Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha reiterated the strong satisfaction of Portugal regarding the hosting a NATO entity on its territory, especially one that is part of the NATO Command Structure, and reiterated the determination of the Portuguese Military Authorities to support the JALLC in fulfilling its mission to the best of their possibilities. In the end of his speech, Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha wished Col Mîndrescu, recently appointed JALLC Commander, all the success in the new position.

The Honour Session ended with JALLC Commander inviting the distinguished guests to sign in JALLC Book of Honour. After that, an 11th Anniversary Group Photo was taken at JALLC front door. Finally, the guests and the JALLC staff did short walk to Air Force Monsanto Mess, for the Ceremony Cocktail.