On 23 November 2023, the JALLC welcomed Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (DSACT), General Chris Badia, (German Air Force) to the JALLC’s facilities in Lisbon, Portugal. This was the first official visit paid by General Badia following his appointment as DSACTP1180252.JPG.




After an Office Call with JALLC’s Commander and Chief of Staff, General Badia was briefed by the JALLC’s command group, providing DSACT with the opportunity get a sense of the JALLC’s Programme of Work and understand the JALLC’s role within NATO, its on-going activities, and future projects. General Badia was also presented with an overview of the NATO Lessons Learned Capability and how the JALLC works to support implementing Lessons Learned in NATO, highlighting the benefits of sharing and using Lessons Learned and Best Practices in the NATO Lessons Learned Portal - NATOs single tool for all Lessons Learned related topics.


Discussions then centred around the future role of the JALLC in Lessons Learned acting as a change agent for the Alliance in this area. General Badia noted the commitment of the JALLC’s staff to its mission and activities and showed a personal interest in the JALLC’s activities and products which you can find out more about here.