On 25 January 2012 the JALLC was visited by Colonel Eduard Simion, Director of the HUMINT COE in Romania.

After a welcome by the Commander, Brigadier General Peter Sonneby, Col Simion was briefed on the role and capabilities of the JALLC and possible areas of common interest between the JALLC and the HUMINT COE. This was his first visit to the JALLC and Col Simion expressed particular interest in the Lessons Learned process, the data collection tools and the Database. The HUMINT COE will insert the Lessons Identified collected at the yearly NATO HUMINT Exercise “Steadfast Indicator” as well as the HUMINT LL gathered by the Mobile Data Collection Teams in ISAF and KFOR into the JALLC’s Database. Col Simion expressed his appreciation for the visit and concluded by signing the JALLC "Book of Honour".