On 19 April 2012 a delegation from SWITZERLAND visited the JALLC in Lisbon / Portugal. Colonel Markus Wohlhauser, the Deputy Military Representative of the Swiss Mission to NATO in Brussels and MWO Michael Giroud where briefed after a courtesy call with Commander JALLC, Brigadier General Peter Sonneby, on activities and organisation of the JALLC. Col Wohlhauser’s aim was to consider ways the JALLC can support and enhance the already existing Swiss Armed Forces Lessons Learned Capability. The visiting party discussed with Lessons Learned Analysis Branch Head, Colonel Nick Lipscombe, the NATO LL Outreach Capability and the three-stage approach of the JATT ( JALLC Advisory and Training Team), comprising Initial Assessment, Focussed Engagement and Monitoring & Mentoring. The second aim of the visit was to consider the posting of a Swiss Partner Officer within the JALLC. So far JALLC has integrated one officer as a PSE (Partnership for Peace Staff Element). Commander JALLC explained the requirements and challenges to be a Military Analyst at the JALLC and stated that he would support the integration of a second PSE
Officer. Col Wohlhauser expressed his appreciation for the visit and concluded by signing the JALLC “Book of Honour”.