On 03 October 2019, Vice Admiral Alfonso Fernández de Córdoba, Deputy Chief of Staff to Allied Command Transformation’s (ACT) Joint Force Development Directorate, visited the JALLC in order to improve awareness and understanding of the JALLC's role within NATO, the NATO Lessons Learned Capability and the JALLC's contribution to the Alliance’s objectives.

The visit started with an Office Call with Brigadier General Bogdan Cernat, the JALLC’s Commander, followed by a tailored briefing during which Vice Admiral Fernández de Córdoba was able to discuss the NATO Lessons Learned Processes and the JALLC’s activities and products.

Vice Admiral Fernández de Córdoba departed with words of appreciation for the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the JALLC.  He also added that in this unique period of change for ACT and NATO, he was looking forward to working with the JALLC over the next few years.