Colonel Mark D. Baines Commander of the NATO School Oberammergau, visited the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre in Lisbon, Portugal on 17 November 2011.
After a courtesy call with Brigadier General Peter Sonneby, Commander JALLC; Col Baines was briefed on where the JALLC fits within Allied Command Transformation and on its role, capabilities and activities. Col Baines showed a special interest in JALLC projects (finished and ongoing) that could be included in the NSO curriculum. The idea is to send a member of the project team to certain courses to brief the students on the findings of these projects. This with the aim to improve the quality of the course and the opportunity for the JALLC to promote their work.
COM JALLC expressed the wish to include briefings on Lessons Learned (capability) in certain courses by the NSO staff. JALLCJATT will engage with NSO staff to develop an action plan.
Upon completion of the briefing and discussions, Col Baines signed the JALLC Book of Honour and expressed his appreciation for the visit.