On 6 October 2011, the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre ( JALLC) in Monsanto, Portugal was visited by the Ambassador of Georgia, his Excellency Mr. Giorgi Gorgiladze and his councellor Mr. Gaioz Japaridze and the US Army Attaché LTC Brant Stephenson.

The Ambassador received a warm welcome by the JALLC Commander, Brigadier General Peter Sonneby. After a courtesy call with the Commander and JALLC’s Chief of Staff, the Ambassador was briefed on where the JALLC fits within NATO’s military structure, and on the role, capabilities and current activities of the Centre. Of particular interest to the Ambassador was the support JALLC offers to both NATO Nations and to Partner for Peace Nations by the JALLC Advisory and Training Team ( JATT) in advice on how to enhance the lessons learned capability. The Ambassador looked forward to further cooperation with the JALLC and specifically a possible visit from the JATT to the Georgian Armed Forces. The Ambassador concluded his visit by signing the JALLC Book of Honour.