Support to Exercises and Operations



JALLC support to exercises is multi-faceted and underpins all aspects of the JALLC Mission. The JALLC’s exercise support team, as well as military and civilian analysts participate in all stages of the NATO Exercise Process, from Exercise Specification and Development, through Planning and Product Development, Operational Conduct to Analysis and Reporting. Exercises, especially Phases IIA/IIB (Crisis Response Planning) and Phase IIIB (Execution), represent excellent venues to collect observations and to complete surveys, questionnaires and interviews to gain the maximum amount of data possible in order to conduct analysis of a particular topic or subject area. Nowadays, the JALLC is refocusing on strategic lessons, emphasizing short-term analysis in support to exercises, rather than direct support to exercise Officers of Primary Responsibility.

The JALLC aims to support at least five major NATO exercises per year. Given the overall length of the whole process for one exercise (18 to 24 months), the JALLC’s exercise support staff officer simultaneously supports up to 15 exercises. The JALLC staff also provide mentoring support, training and advice on the NATO Lessons Learned Process during all stages of the NATO Exercise Process to NATO Lessons Learned staff employed in the exercises. This frequently requires JALLC staff to participate in Exercise Planning Groups and Exercise Planning Conferences. JALLC staff contributes to the revision of key exercise documentation and delivers training at targeted exercise training events for Primary and Secondary Training Audiences such as Academics, Key Leader Training and Battle Staff Training. Currently, the JALLC exercise support team is focussing on providing support to Senior Mentors of major exercises by helping them collect and analyse observations in order to extract strategic lessons, which need to be implemented and operationalized for future operations and exercises.

Examples of JALLC participation in recent exercises include:

  • The deployment of a dedicated team to the Crisis Management Exercise (CMX19) held at NATO HQ Brussels where JALLC supported NATO HQ Staff by:
    • Providing an ad hoc observation collection and management tool for the exercise;
    • Providing the associated training to NATO HQ’s designated Lessons Learbed  Points of Contact;
    • Supporting NATO HQ International Staff Operations division in collecting and analyzing observations for further exploitation;
    • Providing further technical and analysis support in order to help NATO HQ Staff in building their Lessons Identified list.
  • In 2019 and 2020, the JALLC received a request from SHAPE to assist the Senior Mentors assigned to exercise STEADFAST BONUS and help them to extract strategic lessons or lessons of strategic relevance.



The JALLC provides support to operations by facilitating Lessons Learned Training, NLLP Active Content Management, and Joint Analysis. This support is tasked as required and includes support to operations in the form of support to Operational Plans, Key Leader Training and Subject Matter Expert Support for planning conferences.