On 28 November 2019, the JALLC received a visit from the new Portuguese Permanent Representative to NATO, in Brussels, His Excellency, Ambassador Pedro Costa Pereira. The aim of the visit was for the Ambassador to obtain a better understanding of the JALLC's mission and its role as NATO's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned.

Ambassador Costa Pereira had an office call meeting with the JALLC's Commander and the Chief of Staff, followed by a presentation from the Commander himself as well as the JALLC's two Division Heads: Group Captain Neil Cummins (Lessons Learned Analysis Division) and Colonel Juan Molina (Lessons Learned Management Divisions). The presentation covered the JALLC's history, where it fits into the NATO structure, its mission, and its joint analysis, Lessons Learned, and training activities.

After the presentation, Ambassador Pedro Costa Pereira thanked the JALLC's Commander for the opportunity to gain greater awareness about the centre and what it does for the Alliance and the Allies, confirming his commitment to the JALLC and his intention to promote the important contribution it makes to the success of NATO operations and exercises.