After three intensive days of debate and exchanges, the NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2022 (NLLC22) has come to a close. We started the third day by diving into the four panel sessions on the Warfare Development Agenda; Innovation in support of Lessons Learned; Challenges in Learning Lessons from Exercises; and Challenges in Learning Lessons from Operations.

The sessions allowed both the on-site and the online audience to take a more active role as they engaged with the facilitators, moderators and the key speakers as well as each other using innovative collaboration tools and topical presentations to maximize engagement within the Lessons Learned Community. The hybrid format has meant that people from all over NATO and even beyond were able to attend the speeches, presentations, and panel sessions, making this another accessible and connected JALLC hosted event.

After a full morning of work in the panels, we welcomed General (Ret) Scaparrotti, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Senior Counsellor at the Cohen Group as he presented his insights and experiences from 20 years of Lessons Learned in NATO.

The key takeaways from the sessions were presented by the panel moderators in the final plenary session of the event, and will form the basis for the upcoming reports to inform the NATO Lessons Learned Community on the ideas and concepts discussed in the past three days.

The last day of the conference concluded with the closing remarks of the JALLC’s Commander, Brigadier General Bogdan Cernat. The Commander offered some insightful points on the past three days, noting how this Conference is a unique opportunity to exchange diverse views. Noting the importance of capturing observations to ensure that NATO continues to learn, not just from events from the past 20 years, but always.

The NLLC22 Team and the JALLC thank all of those who presented, attended, and actively participated in the NLLC22, and we look forward to seeing you at the next Lessons Learned event.


The NLLC22 Team