On 15 February, the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) welcomed Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Kevin Mathers—of the Canadian Army—, the Allied Command Operations (ACO) Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL).  This marked his first visit to the JALLC since assuming the position of ACO CSEL. 


Following an office call with the JALLC’s Commander, Commodore Fernando Artilheiro, CWO Mathers received a comprehensive briefing on the JALLC, covering its history, mission objectives, and the diverse range of240215 CSEL ACO visit the JALLC (31a).jpg analysis and other products services the Centre offers.  CWO Mathers took the opportunity to ask questions and express his eagerness to contribute to the JALLC’s endeavours, offering his services in any capacity that could benefit the JALLC's mission.


The visit concluded with both parties reflecting on the event as informative and mutually beneficial. The JALLC extends its gratitude to CWO Mathers for his demonstrated interest and engagement in the field of 240215 CSEL ACO visit the JALLC (56a).jpgLessons Learned.  These meetings foster a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing within the military community, ultimately enhancing operational effectiveness and resilience.