Earlier this year the JALLC supported the NATO-Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package (CAP) Trust Fund with a comprehensive briefing on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP).

IMG_20230927_093524.jpgSince then, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been developing a National Lessons Learned Portal to ensure that they can capture and take advantage of the valuable experience, best practices, and Lessons that are being captured in the field. In conjunction with these efforts, the Ukrainian MoD recently requested a demonstration of the NLLP in support of the continued development of their national portal.

The JALLC organized the virtual demonstration session on 27 September 2023, during which members of the JALLC’s NLLP Team walked their Ukrainian counterparts through the workings of the NLLP using the unclassified online training model developed for these types of demonstrations.

Representatives from the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces Lessons Learned Branch, the Centre of Information Projects, the Centre of Scaling Technical Solutions, and the Centre of Innovations (Aerorozvidka), as well as from the National Defence University attended the session. Participants were able to follow the demonstration in real time, ask the NLLP Team members questions, and discuss experiences and insights from developing their National Lessons Learned Portal.










The security of Ukraine is of great importance to NATO and its member states. The Alliance fully supports Ukraine’s inherent right to self-defence, and its right to choose its own security arrangements. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022, NATO and Allies have provided unprecedented levels of support. In this respect, this demonstration session is just the latest JALLC activity in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces this year which has seen the JALLC publish various reports on different aspects of Lessons from the war against Ukraine, provide Lessons Learned training, and deliver topical briefings.

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