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North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned CentreJALLC

NATO 's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned

The NATO Lessons Learned Portal

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In 2010, the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) replaced the NATO Lessons Learned Database (LLDb), allowing greater collaboration and sharing of information related to Lessons Learned.

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The JALLC developed and manages the NLLP in coordination with HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and SHAPE and with contributions from the NATO Lessons Learned Community. The NLLP is considered NATO's key tool for sharing of Lessons Learned related information and is available in two versions; one on the internet and one that can be accessed on the NATO Secret network. Developed using SharePoint technology as the basis, the NLLP is a platform to share documents, a place to announce Lessons Learned events (such as the annual NATO Lessons Learned Conference), and to share their outcome. The NLLP is also a tool to connect users with the same interests and the site for NATO's Communities of Interest. The NLLP is able to support the planning of Lessons Learned activities and includes an interface with dedicated Lessons Learned courses for ease of reference.

Constructive feedback on the NLLP is always welcome using the Discussion Forum feature of the portal.

Managing the NATO Lessons Learned Portal

To ensure the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) functions properly as NATO's key tool for sharing of Lessons Learned Related information, it is managed and maintained by the NLLP managers in the JALLC's Lessons Learned & Analysis Support Branch. The NLLP relies on its Users for its content, but it is the JALLC'ss NLLP managers (Lessons Learned Staff Officers (LLSO)) who are responsible for managing and maintaining the portal.

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The management and maintenance tasks carried out by the NLLP managers can be divided into three core activities: ensuring the quantity and quality of the content; assisting and facilitating the organization of Lessons Learned related activities and events via the NLLP; and general NLLP-User management. Further, the NLLP managers make sure that the day-to-day running of the NLLP goes smoothly from the IT perspective.

Content Management: As mentioned above, the NLLP relies on its Users to contribute the content that makes the NLLP the useful tool to NATO that it is. The NLLP managers facilitate uploading Lessons Learned related documents, announcements, and news, and ensure that the information provided by NLLP-Users complies with the correct format and security rules. In particular the Tracking Area of the NLLP (available only on the NATO Secret version of NLLP), which allows the stages of the NATO Lessons Learned Process for a particular Lesson to be monitored, requires careful and constant managing to ensure the quality of the content. The NLLP managers carefully monitor and handle the content contributed to the NLLP and are continuously seeking ways to improve the search functionality of the NLLP, making it even more useful to the NATO Lessons Learned community. The NLLP managers also work closely with the Communities of Interest administrators to develop, populate, and maintain their respective sites, and they ensure the Lessons Learned Point of Contact list is properly maintained and up to date, ensuring everyone within the NATO Lessons Learned Community knows who is who. Finally, the NLLP managers help to facilitate discussions going on in the NLLP forum, furthering Lessons Learned-Community participation, interaction, and development.

Activities/Event Management: Those who wish to organize a Lessons Learned activity or event, such as the NATO Lessons Learned Conference , may (and are encouraged to) do so using the NLLP; the NLLP managers coordinate with the owner of the activity or event to facilitate easy access and help ensure the activity or event is a success.

NLLP-User Management: The NLLP managers are always ready to help those wishing to join and contribute to the NLLP and/or those using the information provided on the NLLP. The NLLP managers provide support, advice, and their experience as LLSOs and are happy to help with any queries you may have regarding the NLLP.

You can access the NLLP via its website at: https://nllp.jallc.nato.int and if you require more information on the NLLP, please contact the NLLP Managers.

jallc@jallc.nato.int +351 21 771 7007/8/9