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Books & Guides

In addition to the analysis products, over the years the JALLC has developed and published several books and guides on topics related to the JALLC's expertise. These books and guides, which provide comprehensive guidance for NATO and JALLC analysts, are regularly updated by the JALLC. You can download a copy of the books and Guides below.

15 Years of the JALLC

Analysis NATO Exercise Reporting Process factsheet cover

The book, 15 Years of the JALLC, was published in conjunction with JALLC's 15th anniversary. The book sets out the history of the JALLC, its roles and activities, and looks back at Operations and Exercises that the JALLC has contributed to over the years. It also includes summaries of some of the JALLC's joint analysis studies and the story behind the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, making it one of the most comprehensive publications the JALLC has produced to date.

download the 15 Years of the JALLC Book

NATO Lessons Learned Handbook

the lessons learned handbook 3rd edition cover

The purpose of this handbook is to guide and assist you in fulfilling your role in supporting their organization and NATO to effectively learn from experience. This handbook uses NATO's approach to Lessons Learned as the underlying model but has been written to be relevant to any organization.

This opening chapter sets the stage for the rest of this handbook by giving an overview of:

  • What is Lessons Learned?
  • Who Needs to Learn Lessons?
  • What is The Role of a Lessons Learned Staff Officer ( LLSO)?
  • How to Get Started in Lessons Learned!
download the NATO Lessons Learned Handbook 3rd Edition here

Joint Analysis Handbook

the Joint Analysis Handbook 4th edition cover

This handbook provides guidance on how to conduct analysis in support of Lessons Learned (LL) processes. It is primarily designed to assist Lessons Learned Analysis Staff Officers with all aspects of conducting analysis, both in the office and when deployed to operations, training events, exercises or experiments.

The official definition of analysis in NATO is:
"The study of a whole by examining its parts and their interactions"

download the Joint Analysis Handbook 4th Edition here

A Framework for the Strategic Planning & Evaluation of Public Diplomacy

Framework for the Strategic Planning & Evaluation of Public Diplomacy

The purpose of this handbook is to present a framework for the strategic planning and evaluation of public diplomacy that was originally produced for NATO's Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) by NATO's Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC). The framework was developed to help the PDD to better evaluate and enhance the impact of its public diplomacy activities.

download the Framework for the Strategic Planning & Evaluation of Public Diplomacy here.

Interviewing - A Guide for Preparing, Conducting and Managing Interviews

the Guide for Preparing, Conducting and Managing Interviews handbook cover

Interviewing is notable in that nearly everyone has the basic skills to conduct interviews: asking someone questions and recording their responses. However, a major challenge is to be able to take these skills and to enhance them such that you are no longer just asking questions but are eliciting responses that provide the specific information you need in order to understand the issues and topics in detail. This is a level of interviewing skill few acquire. Partly because much of interviewing is more art than science. This includes being confident in your own interviewing abilities; being able to "read" the interviewee and help them feel relaxed; being able to continually visualize what the interview needs to cover and the level of data you need to collect; and, being able to listen closely while simultaneously thinking ahead. Acquiring these skills requires practice and experience.

download the Guide for Preparing, Conducting and Managing Interviews here.
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