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The JALLC Explorer

The JALLC Explorer is the JALLC's newsletter which has been published since 2010 on a regular basis. The JALLC Explorer is aimed at providing information on the JALLC's activities, past and upcoming events, and review of recently finished analysis projects. You can download a copy of published JALLC Explorers below.

2018 Edition 2

the JALLC Explorer 2018 Edition 2

This edition of The Explorer is the second to be published in 2018. It introduces JALLC’s new Commander Brigadier General Antonio Nascimento of the Portuguese Air Force and includes features on JALLC’s support to Exercises, understanding Lessons Learned, and the NATO-wide Executive Development Programme, as well as all the latest news on JALLC’s projects and events. It also provides information on the first NATO New Technologies Event, which the JALLC is hosting for Allied Command Transformation in Lisbon from 02 to 04 October.

download here the Explorer 2018 Edition 2

2018 Edition 1

the JALLC Explorer 2018 Edition 1

This edition of The Explorer features specials on the JALLC's 15th Anniversary celebrations, the upcoming NATO Lessons Learned Conference and all the latest news on the JALLC's projects and events. It is the first edition of the newsletter to feature the full new look which was introduced in the Christmas Special Edition. You can find out more about the new look, the rebranding and reorganization of the JALLC's activities in an article on how communication is key to mission success

download here the Explorer 2018 Edition 1

2017 Edition 3

the JALLC Explorer 2017 Edition 3

The 2017 Christmas edition of JALLC's online newsletter – “The Explorer”- is now available. It has articles about several visits at workshops hosted by the JALLC, as well as a range of current issues, including JALLC latest projects on: the NATO Command and Control capstone concept; Host Nation Support, Civil Preparedness, Resilience, and Military sustainability; and on Geospatial Support. It also presents our communications strategy, and the new marketing symbols for the JALLC's six main activities. We hope that you enjoy reading it.

download here the Explorer 2017 Edition 3

2017 Special Edition 15th anniversary

the JALLC Explorer Special edition 15 anniversary

This edition of The Explorer has been produced as a special edition in time for the JALLCs 15'th anniversary. Along with the usual news on the JALLC's activities, you will find academic and personal articles written by the JALLC's staff on a number of topics including NATO's approach to Projecting Stability and how sport breaks down barriers between people from different nationalities.

This edition of The Explorer also show cases the JALLC's new shield, explaining the meaning of the symbols used and how it was developed.

download here the Explorer 2017 Special Edition 15 anniversary

2017 Edition 1

the JALLC Explorer 2017 Edition I

This edition of the Explorer takes a closer look at some of the important work the JALLC and its partners have been engaged in over the last few months. A key achievement has been the successful 2016 NATO Lessons Learned Conference (NLLC), which took place here in Lisbon on 29 and 30 November 2016. Elsewhere, this edition highlights a number of new Joint Analysis products recently published by the JALLC. One of these is the “NATO Force Structure Joint Task Force Headquarters Handbook,”.

One of our main challenges for 2017 will be our contribution to the NATO Lessons Learned Optimization Action Plan which aims to improve NATO's Lessons Learned Process, making it more efficient and effective. In this respect, a key focus area for the JALLC will be to ensure that the NATO Lessons Learned Portal becomes NATO's single Lessons management tool.

The next edition of the Explorer will be release during the month of September, commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the JALLC, and it will include a wide range of articles produced by the JALLC staff members

download here the Explorer 2017 Edition I

2016 Edition 2

the JALLC Explorer 2016 Edition 2

This second edition of the new look Explorer celebrates the arrival of the JALLC's new Commander, Brigadier General Mario Barreto (Portuguese Air Force) with a special two page photo-feature article on the assumption of command ceremony that took place on 19 August. We also feature a visit to the JALLC by Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and an interview with Mr Clovis Autin who joined the JALLC earlier this year as a (civilian) operational research analyst.

One of the JALLC's most successful projects, which looked into how ISAF managed to reduce incidents of civilian casualties, is covered in this edition, as well as the usual summaries of recently published analysis reports, and many more interesting articles on what’s been going on at the JALLC over the summer period.

download here the Explorer 2016 Edition 2

2016 Edition 1

the JALLC Explorer 2016 Edition I

Welcome to the first edition of the new look Explorer. Our new digital magazine contains articles on projects we have completed and are working on, on interesting events that have taken place at the JALLC, on the latest joint analysis techniques being applied by our analysts, and updates from the Lessons Learned Community.

In this edition, we feature the NATO Lessons Learned Conference; looking back at the 2015 conference and forward to the 2016 conference which takes place on 29 and 30 November this year. We also discuss the revision to the JALLC’s project management approach which looks set to guarantee even more efficient and effective joint analysis projects, and a new cooperation with the Royal United Services Institute for Defence (RUSI) ensuring the JALLC remains at the centre of thinking in terms of global defence and security.

download here the Explorer 2016 Edition I


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