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North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned CentreJALLC

NATO 's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned


The JALLC publishes brochures on various topics relevant to the JALLC and its work. Currently the following brochures are available and can be downloaded below:

JALLC Trifold

JALLC trifold 2018 cover

This flyer provides information on the JALLC and its key activities. The JALLC is NATO's lead agent for Lessons Learned. The JALLC achieves its mission through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of Lessons-related information. The NATO Lessons Learned Portal is NATO's primary tool to manage and analyse all Lessons-related information. This Portal, developed and actively managed by the JALLC, is the Alliance’s Lessons Learned hub and forms in addition an integral part of the Lessons Learned Process. Upon tasking, the JALLC conducts Joint Analysis projects on NATO-wide, enduring, and complex issues, providing recommendations in order to improve current NATO capabilities and support future capability development.

download the JALLC Trifold 2018

JALLC Activities

JALLC Activities 2018 cover

This flyer provides information on the JALLC's key activities. Although the JALLC was originally conceived to primarily analyse exercises, changes to the NATO environment and growing NATO involvement in operations resulted in the JALLC s focus shifting to operations and major NATO Response Force exercises. Gradually, the JALLC has become engaged in a wide range of activities, such as managing and maintaining the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, developing and delivering Training Courses, and maintaining the NATO Lessons Learned Handbook and the Joint Analysis Handbook. The JALLC also organizes the annual NATO Lesson Learned Conference which covers themes topical to NATO Lessons Community and draws participants from across NATO, Partner Nations, and other organizations.

download the JALLC Activities 2018

NATO LL Portal

NATO LL portal 2018 cover

This flyer provides information on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal and its Communities of Interest. The NATO Lessons Learned Portal (the Portal) is NATO's centralized hub for all Lessons Learned information related to NATO's Lessons and is managed and maintained by the JALLC, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Observations that Lessons Identified, and even Lessons already Learned can be submitted to the Portal from all over NATO. The JALLC ensures that this valuable information finds its way through the NATO Lessons Learned Process and is tracked in the Portal where it can be used by everyone in NATO and contributes to the Alliance’s transformation.

download the NATO LL Portal 2018

JALLC Analysis

JALLC Analysis 2018 cover

This flyer provides information on the JALLC's Analysis Capability. Analysis is an important part of the NATO Lessons Learned Process and is key to transforming Observations into Lessons Identified. The JALLC's analysis teams are able to analyse a wide variety of data, including from the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, tackling NATO-wide issues to improve and transform the Alliance. The JALLC aims to conduct from four to six complex analysis projects per year and approximately 80% of the recommendations in JALLC Analysis Reports are endorsed and go on to contribute to Alliance Transformation.

download the JALLC Analysis 2018

JALLC Training

JALLC training 2018 cover

This flyer provides information on the JALLC's Training Courses and related activities. The JALLC is continuously developing its education and training programme to ensure that the best possible courses are provided on Lessons and Analysis related topics. The JALLC provides a variety of training courses, both onsite and online including on conducting analysis, and on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal and how to use it. In addition, the JALLC offers a Lessons Learned Officer of Primary Responsibility course (online) and is on track to develop more online courses over the next few years, including e-learning versions of current courses.

download the JALLC Training 2018

JALLC Outreach: Mobile Training

JALLC Outreach 2018 cover

This flyer provides information on the JALLC’s Advisory & Training Team (JATT) as part of its Outreach activities. In 2010, the JALLC established the JATT in order to develop and enhance the NATO Lessons Learned Capability across NATO and among Allies, Partners, and other organizations. The JATT is essentially a mobile training team, taking the JALLC’s expertise and experience outside of the confines of the building to NATO HQs and bodies, NATO Nations and Partner nations and other organizations as required and requested. The JATT provides on-site, tailored advice and training on the NATO Lessons Learned Capability, helping to ensure that NATO's Lessons Learned Process is widely known and used throughout NATO.

download the JALLC Outreach: Mobile Training 2018

JALLC Support to Exercises

JALLC Support to Exercises 2018 cover

This flyer provides information on the JALLC's Support to Exercises. The JALLC's support to exercises is multi-faceted and underpins all aspects of the JALLC's Mission. JALLC military and civilian analysts participate, on request, in all stages of the NATO Exercise Process, from Concept Specification and Development, through Planning and Product Development, Operational Conduct to Analysis and Reporting. Exercises, especially the Crisis Response Planning and Execution Phases, represent excellent venues at which to collect observations and to complete surveys, questionnaires, and interviews allowing our analysts to collect valuable data in order to conduct analysis of a particular topic or subject area. The JALLC aims to support at least ten major NATO exercises per year.

download the JALLC Support to Exercises 2018

The NATO LL Conference

NATO LL Conference 2018 cover

This flyer provides information on the NATO Lessons Learned Conference. The JALLC is responsible for organizing theNATO Lessons Learned Conference. This is NATO's Lessons Community’s opportunity to get together and discuss important related topics. The Conference is hosted by the JALLC on behalf of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) and Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and SACEUR. For each conference, a theme is selected for participants to work on in group and plenary session with the ultimate objective of making community-based recommendations for improvement and transformation of the Alliance.

download the NATO LL Conference 2018
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