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North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned CentreJALLC

NATO 's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned


The JALLC publishes brochures on various topics relevant to the JALLC and its work. Currently the following brochures are available and can be downloaded below:

EXTRA Portal Brochure


The NATO EXTRA Portal serves as the single centralized exercise and training related information sharing platform within NATO. The NATO EXTRA Portal has been developed for the NATO EXTRA Community of Interest in general and is dedicated to those individuals and institutions that are closely engaged in the NATO exercises and training field.

The NATO EXTRA Portal contains links to other NATO sites, Point of Contact lists, Calendars, the Specialized Documents Libraries and a Lessons Database, all related to exercises and training.

download the EXTRA Portal Brochure

LLSOC Brochure 2016

LLSOC brochure cover

The NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course (NLLSOC) is designed to prepare Lessons Learned Staff Officers to establish and manage an organizational lessons learned process using NATO Lessons Learned processes. The course is well balanced between lectures and practical activities, and includes history and background, networking and sharing lessons learned. The five day course is hosted by the Swedish Armed Forces at their International Centre (SWEDINT) in Kungsängen on the outskirts of Stockholm...

download LLSOC Brochure 2016

JALLC Project Approach

JALLC Project Approach brochure cover

The JALLC has developed the JALLC Project Approach (JPA), a customized version of PRINCE2® (PRojects IN a Controlled Environment), to ensure the effective management and delivery of military analysis projects.

JPA incorporates many of the principles, themes and elements of PRINCE2 but is a bespoke project approach reflecting the specific requirements of the JALLC and the unique nature of military joint analysis. JPA identifies seven distinct stages within the process each with defined activities, deliverables and tolerances...

download JPA Brochure 2016


Analysis NATO Exercise Reporting Process factsheet cover

The JALLC is NATO's centre for performing joint analysis of operations, training, exercises, and experimentation. The JALLC has a permanent staff of 50 military and civilian personnel from 18 NATO countries. In addition, one Partnership for Peace staff officer and eight civilian contractors support the analysis teams in their projects. JALLC's work spans the entire spectrum of NATO operations, exercises and activities and it is a leading player in the development of the Bi-SC Lessons Learned Process...

download the JALLC Brochure 2016

JALLC September 2015

JALLC A4 Brochure Sep15 Cover

This eight-page brochure covers the History, Mission, Role, and Tasks of the JALLC in more detail and includes a description of the JALLC's Joint Analysis activities as well as it’s Lessons Learned activities, including the NATO Lessons Learned Conference. This brochure also features summaries some of the JALLC's completed analysis projects and interesting facts about the JALLC and its activities. The JALLC is NATO's centre for performing joint analysis of current operations, training, exercises and experimentation. Reporting directly to Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), the JALLC recommends development or improvement of concepts, doctrine, and capabilities. The JALLC also maintains and manages the NATO Lessons Learned Portal and supports Allied Command Transformation (ACT) outreach activities in the Lessons Learned domain. Operational since 2002, the JALLC is located in Lisbon and has a permanent staff of 50 military and civilian personnel.

download the JALLC A4 Brochure Sep 2015

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