JALLC - JALLC Structure

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North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned CentreJALLC

NATO 's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned


There are 50 approved peace time established posts at JALLC. The Commander serves a three year tour and is required to be a one-star General or Flag Officer from either Romania or Portugal on an alternate basis.

The organization of the JALLC is illustrated in the chart below;

The JALLC organisation

In addition to the JALLC permanent personnel of 50 posts, one Partnership for Peace officer and a number of NATO civilians have been integrated into the JALLC in order to support the analysis teams. A NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA) Support Element (NSE- JALLC) with four posts was established and co-located with JALLC as part of the 2010 PE changes to the new NATO Command Structure.

Divisions and Branches

Using a matrix management structure, the Operations Division along with the Exercise/Training and Experimentation Division manage the analysis projects within their respective functional areas. The Plans and Programming Division provides manpower resourcing for the projects, including appointment of the analysis project managers.

The Lessons Learned and Analysis Support Branch provides scientific operational analysis support to the analysis projects, manages the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) and provides editorial support for all written and published JALLC products.

In addition, NATO civilian analysts support the military analysts in conducting the analysis process and in preparing the written analysis products (usually a JALLC analysis report). Past performance has demonstrated that a balance between scientific expertise and operational experience is essential for production of high-quality and insightful products. This is best gained through a mix of military and civilian analysts, ensuring credibility, continuity, and flexibility respectively.

The JALLC couldn't fulfill its Mission, Role, and Tasks without the support from its Administration, Registry and Base Support Group Branch, the Information Management and Communications and Information Systems Branch, and the Budget and Finance Branch. Staff in these branches make sure that the day-to-day activities of the JALLC run smoothly, allowing the Analysis and Lessons Learned Divisions to conduct their activities.

The JALLC also provides support to the other NATO entities in Portugal (STRIKFORNATO, NCIA, and NSE's).

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