JALLC - Mission, Role & Tasks

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North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned CentreJALLC

NATO 's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned

Mission, Role and Tasks


The JALLC is NATO's centre for performing Joint Analysis of operations, training, exercises and experiments, based on joint analysis requirements generated by both NATO strategic commands. The JALLC supports the exchange of Lessons Learned (LL) and facilitates the development of Lessons Learned Capabilities, reinforcing the continuous transformation and modernization of NATO’s forces and capabilities.


NATO's Lessons Learned Policy states that the JALLC, as part of the NATO Command Structure, and subordinate to HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), provides analysis support to operations, training, exercises, and experimentation and maintains the NATO Lessons Learned Portal; a tool to facilitate the Lessons Learned Process. Subject to agreement with HQ SACT, the JALLC is able to assist in the management and dissemination of Lessons Learned NATO-wide, to provide advice on its implementation, and to facilitate the sharing of Lessons Learned.

The JALLC also supports the overarching NATO Lessons Learned capability by providing analysis expertise to operations, training, exercises and experimentation; providing Lessons Learned training; managing the NATO Lessons Learned Portal; and engaging, through its JALLC Advisory & Training Team (the JATT), with NATO commands and the Allies, partners and other entities to support their Lessons Learned capability development.


The JALLC is responsible for the execution of a number of assigned tasks:

  • Conducting analysis of known and emerging requirements pursuant to its programme of work: approximately eight per year;
  • Outreach to the NATO Nations and organizations: The JATT provides outreach to improve NATO Lessons Learned development and sharing. See the JATT page on this website for more information on what the JATT do;
  • Support to NATO exercises: The JALLC provides support connecting and sharing knowledge and information to the NATO Training Community of Interest by focusing on exercises and training events primarily at the operational level;
  • Support to conferences and other seminars, working groups, and related events, including the NATO Lessons Learned Conference which takes place annually in Lisbon and brings together members of NATO's Lessons Learned Community of Interest to discuss and learn about the latest in the field of Lessons Learned;
  • Training and experimentation: The JALLC prepares and conducts three NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officers courses in Sweden per year.

Additional tasks undertaken by the JALLC include:

The Joint Analysis Handbook: The JALLC maintains and updates the Joint Analysis Handbook, detailing the process for use in the analysis of operations, training, exercises, and experiments, both internally and externally by NATO agencies, commands, and organizations as a guide to their own analysis efforts.

The NATO Lessons Learned Handbook: The NATO Lessons Learned Handbook is the essential reference publication on Lessons Learned within NATO. It described NATO's Lessons Learned Process in detail and forms the basis of the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officers course.

The JALLC Analyst Training Course: Twice a year the JALLC conducts an analyst training course in order to facilitate the training of military personnel assigned by Nations to the JALLC who have little or no prior training and experience of carrying out joint analysis projects before they arrive at the JALLC. The course aims to provide these novice analysts with sufficient knowledge to be able to conduct joint analysis under the guidance of experienced civilian analysts and the JALLC operational research analysts. The course is open to non-JALLC participants insofar as places are available.

The JALLC developed and maintains the Lessons Learned Officers of Primary Responsibility (LLOPR) where aims to provide suitable NATO Lessons Learned training to LLOPR and LLSO's

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