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North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned CentreJALLC

NATO 's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned


Established in Lisbon, Portugal, in September 2002, the JALLC is the NATO’s lead agency for the analysis of operations, training and experiments, and for the collection and dissemination of Lessons Learned. The JALLC deploys project teams worldwide, delivering analysis support to NATO at the strategic and operational levels.

JALLC Entrance

The precursor body to the JALLC was the Permanent Maritime Analysis Team (PAT) based at Northwood, UK. The PAT was established in 1978 and conducted operational analysis of NATO maritime exercises using a staff predominantly composed of naval officers. The PAT, suitably augmented, formed the core of the team tasked with analysis of the NATO IFOR and SFOR operations in the Former Yugoslavia. The final report by the IFOR Joint Analysis Team (JAT) recognized the lack of a standing NATO joint analysis capability, which led to the formation of a NATO Working Group tasked to develop the concept for a JALLC.

The operational requirement for the JALLC was approved by the NATO Military Committee (MC) in June 1997. The detailed JALLC implementation concept, which also recommended that the JALLC be located in Portugal, was submitted to the International Military Staff in January 2000 and approved by the MC, with the associated capability package approved by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) on 07 December 2001.

Finally, on 02 May 2002, the NAC approved the activation of the JALLC as a NATO Military Body from 02 September 2002 and the simultaneous de-activation of the PAT. The JALLC was formally opened on 06 December 2002 and declared full operational capability on 28 March 2006.

opening ceremony

There have been 50 permanent military and civilian peace time posts approved and established at the JALLC. In July 2009, a Partnership for Peace officer was integrated into the JALLC organization and filled by Austria. Croatia, and Lithuania were added in July 2010 and August 2012, respectively. In 2010, as part of the 2010 PE changes to the new NATO Command Structure, a NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA) Support Element (NSE- JALLC) with four posts was established and co-located with JALLC. In addition to its originally approved structure, the JALLC established the JALLC Advisory and Training Team (JATT) in 2010.

Although the JALLC was originally conceived to primarily analyse exercises, changes to the NATO environment and growing NATO involvement in operations resulted in the JALLC's focus shifting to operations and major NATO Response Force exercises. Gradually, the JALLC has become engaged in a wide range of activities, such as conducting a bi-annual Analyst Training Course or maintaining the NATO Lessons Learned Handbook and the Joint Analysis Handbook. In the summer of 2011, the JALLC assumed responsibility for the quarterly NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course (LLSOC) in Sweden.

The JALLC also convenes the annual NATO Lessons Learned Conference which covers themes topical to the Lessons Learned community and draws participants from across NATO, Nations, Partner Nations and other organizations.

In 2010, the JALLC established the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP), which replaced the old NATO Lessons Learned Database, allowing greater collaboration and sharing of Lessons Learned related information.

The future of the JALLC is built upon its history: continuing to provide high-quality analysis reports in a timely fashion. The JALLC will also continue to improve its own processes through the learning of lessons: allowing it to build on the established tradition of excellence and rigour, while adapting to the changing environment.

You can also obtain/download a copy of the relevant JALLC brochure which contains more information and details here.

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