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Brigadier-General Mário A. V. Salvação Barreto, Portuguese Air Force
Commander, Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned Centre.

The Brigadier-General Salvação Barreto

Brigadier-General (BGEN) Mário Salvação Barreto was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1963. He joined the Portuguese Air Force Academy in 1982 where he completed a degree in Aeronautical Military Sciences and became a military pilot in the Undergraduate Pilot Training Course in Vance AFB, Oklahoma, USA in 1988.

He qualified as a fighter pilot in 1989 and subsequently acquired extensive experience flying in combat squadrons both as an operational commander and as an Intelligence/Electronic Warfare officer. He has flown more than 2300 hours, the vast majority in the A-7P Corsair II and F-16A/B Fighting Falcon, both in offensive and defensive air operations, including maritime environment and combat missions in the Balkans during Exercise DETERMINED FALCON, and Operation ALLIED FORCE. Since 1998, he has commanded several overseas Portuguese Air Force detachments in conflict scenarios, such as the Portuguese F-16 Detachment, in Aviano, Italy, during Operation ALLIED FORCE, and the Detached Commander for the Portuguese-Belgian C-130 deployment in Kabul Airport KAIA for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan.

Brigadier-General Mário Barreto’s command post records include Fighter Squadron Commander, Air Operational Group Commander, Deputy Air Base Commander and Air Base Commander. As a staff officer, he was Chief of Defence Plans at the Operational Air Command Monsanto and Chief of Planning Division at the Air Staff in Lisbon, Portugal. He also served in Brussels in the European Union Military Staff (EUMS) in the Concepts and Capabilities Directorate (CON/CAP) as a Military Capabilities Development staff officer—now part of the European External Action Service (EEAS).

In 2014, Brigadier-General Mário Barreto graduated from the Flag Officer General Officer Course at the Portuguese Military Studies Institute, now the Military University Institute, where he was posted as a professor in the Air Force Education Specific Area.

He has been decorated and received several awards during his service, including the Military Order of Aviz (Grade Commander); Distinguished Service Medal (Grade Silver with distinction (golden palm) for campaign services); Military Merit Medal (2nd class), and the Non Article 5 NATO medal.

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